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Catering & Takeout – The perfect pairing…

Responding to the needs and desires of customers is the number one job of any business. Especially a hospitality business like a caterer or a restaurant.

It has become clear to us that a lot of our customers need access to great quality fresh meals.

  • Meals that will provide nourishment to their families.
  • That work with the craziness of our daily lives.
  • And local options for these meals are rare.

As a caterer, we have many evenings not booked for special events.

We also have a great kitchen with cooks eager to provide the healthy and fresh meals you and your family crave. Using proven recipes and fresh ingredients we can meet the needs of our community.

The Answer – Bergies To Go!!

High quality, fresh made meals at your beck and call, or text, or online order.

Have just 20 minutes between soccer practice and the latest youth meeting or activity? Let Bergie’s provide the nutrition and taste everyone is looking for.

Look us up!   We’ve made it easy to order.  Through our intuitive ‘Zingle’ text ordering system (text to 217-284-6020).  Or online at  And you can always call us at 217-648-8020 to place your order today.

Early Order Incentive!!

We encourage our customers to simplify their life.  And help with our kitchen planning.

We offer a 10% discount (just enter ‘earlybird’ on the checkout page) on the entire order when placed by midnight the previous day.

This helps us manage our operations and we pass on the savings to you.

And let’s be honest, we usually know when there are more things to do than time in our schedule. We want to help you save money and plan your day better.

Let Bergie’s be your private chef service and kitchen away from home!


4 thoughts on “Catering & Takeout – The perfect pairing…

  1. Your meals look delicious, but they also look as though they might be heavier eating than we should like. Is there any chance that you might make one of your selections an especially heart healthy choice? We would like to take advantage of your service, but must watch the amounts of calories and sauces and such.

    1. Hi Glenda – Thanks for the feedback! We are working on just such items.

      We do feature full blown dinner salads about every other week and as our customer feedback increases we’ll work to accommodate more of these requests.

      Humbly – Pete

    2. Glenda – Check out this weeks menu at! I think you’ll enjoy the change…


  2. I’m happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

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